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Curriculum Enrichment


St. Wilfred’s College for Girls recognizes the importance of addressing Cross-Cutting Issues that
encompass Professional Ethics, Gender, Human Values, Environment and Sustainability. By integrating
these issues into various aspects of the curriculum delivery, activities and policies.
Institution is successfully nurturing young women who are not only academically competent but also
socially responsible and environmentally conscious.
Gender Sensitization
Cross-cutting issues related to gender sensitization are integrated across the college’s academic programs
and extracurricular activities. Through dedicated courses, workshops, and seminars, students are
educated about the social, cultural, and economic aspects of gender equality. They are encouraged to
challenge gender stereotypes, promote inclusivity, and develop a strong sense of self-identity and selfworth. The college also actively collaborates with external organizations and NGOs to raise awareness
about gender-related issues and provide support to marginalized communities.

Professional Ethics
Preparing students for professional success and nurturing their ethical and moral values are key priorities
at St. Wilfred’s College for Girls. Issues related to Professional Ethics are incorporated into the curriculum and co-curricular activities to instil integrity, empathy and social responsibility among thestudents. The college organizes workshops on ethical decision-making, leadership development and community engagement to enhance students’ understanding of their roles as responsible professionals and active contributors to society. Moreover, mentorship programs, guest lectures, and internships are offered
to provide practical exposure and cultivate professionalism. 

Environment and Sustainability
Recognizing the pressing need for environmental stewardship, institute emphasizes sustainable practices
and environmental consciousness. Cross-cutting issues related to Sustainable
Development and Environmental Preservation are embedded within the college’s infrastructure, policies
and academic programs. The college promotes waste reduction, energy conservation and water
management through initiatives like recycling campaigns, tree plantation drives and awareness programs
on climate change. Environmental studies are integrated into the curriculum, enabling students to
understand the interconnections between ecological balance, economic growth, and social well-being.

Human Values

  • College have adequately clear that education in human values is not a process of mere information transfer or prescribing certain Do’s and Don’ts.
  • College promotes process of inculcating right understanding about ourselves vis-à-vis rest of existential reality through the process of self-exploration.
  • College teach affecting perceptional transformation and developing the competence to live in accordance with it voluntarily.
  • College has to be implemented in a secular and a scientific way to enable its universalization in the present context.

The integration of these cross-cutting issues in the curriculum has resulted in several positive

  • Firstly, it nurtured generation of young women who are aware of their rights, champions of gender equality and equipped with necessary skills to challenge gender biases in various spheres of life.
  • Secondly, students are imbued with professional/human values, enabling them to become compassionate and ethical leaders in their respective fields.
  • Finally, fostering environmental consciousness, the college instils a sense of responsibility towards the planet, equipping students to address pressing environmental challenges and work towards sustainable solutions. Through its holistic approach, St. Wilfred’s College for Girls serves as a beacon of inspiration for other educational institutions striving to create a better world through education.