• The Department’s mission is to teach students about all parts of business in an effort to produce a worldwide workforce that is both inventive and competent in order to fill positions in the private and public sectors, whether in urban or rural settings
  • To equip students with the self-confidence and practical skills necessary to succeed in today’s fast-paced business world through a strong foundation in commerce and skill-oriented coursework.
  • The Department is committed to integrate all facets of commerce and management to educate and train innovative and competent human resource globally suitable for industry, business and service sector and to equip and encourage them to start their own ventures in urban or rural areas benefitting both the classes and masses.
  • Inculcate ethical and moral values by offering a support system which is friendly and inspiring the future nation builders.


  • Develop students’ critical thinking skills in the field of business and prepare them for careers in accounting, finance, research, and teaching.
  • To provide students with accounting and entrepreneurship skills for their growth and development. 
  • To broaden and deepen coverage of frontier regions through the introduction of specific new and innovative academic programs.
  • To employ modern tools in teaching, such as computers and the internet; to evaluate student progress using valid criteria; to increase students’ soft skills in order to foster all-around growth in their personalities.
  • Creating an urge in students to take up entrepreneurship in order to be successful by standing on their feet instead of being dependent on others.