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The Department of Arts & Humanities at St. Wilfred’s College for Girls, was established in 2007. The department offers a wide range of courses and runs a PG program in English, Physics, Geography etc.

The department has twenty-eight faculty members who specialize in various contemporary areas of Arts and humanities. The faculty members are engaged in high-quality research and teaching. They have to their credit various research projects, books and research papers published in reputed national and international journals. The department contributes to expanding the frontiers of knowledge in Humanities by regularly organizing exciting scholarly activities, drawing on the multiple disciplines, and enriching the entire spectrum of students and faculty.


  • Department seeks to help students to develop an understanding and appreciation for the complex cultural and physical worlds in which they live and to realize their highest potential of intellectual, physical and human development. Our vision is to provide affordable quality education, while equipping students with knowledge and skills & to inculcate values, identify hidden talents, provide opportunities for students to realize their full potential.


    • Department of Arts encourages excellence in teaching through academic programs in Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences.
    • Department promotes students ethical and intellectual development and capabilities through critical and independent thinking, reading and communicating.
    • Student- faculty interaction is enhanced through independent and collaborative experiences to inspire life.
    • Our goal is to encourage students to develop strong critical thinking, analytical reasoning, problem solving and communication skills and creative talents that will foster their development as knowledgeable, engaged and confident citizens and leaders.