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The Department of Computer Science at St. Wilfred’s College for Girls, was established in 2007. The “computer department” typically refers to a specific division or unit within an organization or academic institution that is responsible for managing and supporting computer-related technology and systems. This department plays a crucial role in ensuring that an organization’s or institution’s computing infrastructure is well-maintained, secure, and aligned with its goals and objectives


To be the front runner in Computer Science education and foster the students towards globally competent professionals with expertise in software development. We Nurture the students with teaching and research environment, to unable them to responds swiftly to the challenges of the ever changing world. Our vision to brush up the ethical as well as technical skills in students so that they become the preferable choice of a prospective employer.


    • To achieve academic excellence by imparting in-depth knowledge to the students through effective pedagogies and hands on experience on latest tools and technologies and mould the students to become Software Professionals, Researchers and Entrepreneurs by providing advanced laboratories
    • Inculcate problem solving and team building skills and promote lifelong learning with a sense of societal and ethical responsibilities.
    • Offer continuing education programmes in the emerging areas for the benefit of students.
    • To uplift innovative research in Computer Science field to serve the needs of Industry, Government and Society.