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Institutional Values & Social Respomsibility

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Institutional Values & Social Respomsibility

St. Wilfred’s College for Girls (SWCG) is an Institution where Gender Equity & Sensitization is prioritized in its Policies & Regulations, Curriculum and Co-curricular activities as well. The College is proactive in strengthening a gender equal, gender sentient and absolutely safe environment for all its students and members as well through all the facilities in campus

Gender Equity & Sensitization

In Policies & Regulations:

SWCG values the dignity of every individual. To ensure the same, the college follows policies and thereby regulations as mentioned below:

  • Student Development Policy
  • Sexual Harassment Policy
  • Anti- Ragging Policy
  • Institution Social Responsibility Policy
  • Grievance Policy
  • Discipline Policy
  • Parents Teachers Association Policy
  • Gender Equity Policy

In Curriculum:

SWCG strongly believes in promoting gender equality and empowering its female students. Students are encouraged to challenge gender stereotypes, promote inclusivity and develop a strong sense of selfidentity and self-worth. The college collaborates with NGOs to raise awareness about gender-related issues and provide support to marginalized communities. The college offers curricula including courses with content on gender equity as mentioned below:

  • Feminism Ideology
  • Social Psychology
  • Movements of Women Empowerment
  • Female Education
  • Rights of Women in National and International context
  • Representation of females in political field
  • Criminology: Crime against women & children
  • Indian social system
  • Status of women in rural area

In Co-Curricular Activities:

The Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) along with other cells in the college organizes numerous activities like: International Conference on “Searching Identities: Exploring Global Perceptions on Women Empowerment in 21st Century”, International Women’s Day, National Unity Day, National Youth Day, World’s Human Rights Day, Workshops, Seminars, Health Check-up Camps, Guest Lectures, Talk Sessions, etc. to ensure equal opportunity to all the students and members regardless of gender bias

Facilities for women on campus

Safety and Security:

St. Wilfred’s College for Girls is a well secured and well equipped campus with

  • 80 CCTV cameras covering the whole campus
  • Check at the entry-point with visitor- book
  • Security guard (male & female) on entrance of the building
  • Health Check-up & first aid facilities
  • Girls common room
  • Day care/ Medical room
  • Canteen
  • Indoor sports facility
  • Auditorium
  • Counselling sections
  • Audio visual room and many more.

Counselling Guidance Facility in the Campus:

The psychological counselling and guidance facilitated by psychologists experts in the college is available for the social well-being of all students and members in the Institution. Such facility is beneficial for mental health of each and every person in the campus without any gender inequality. The psychological counselling provided by the experts aims towards every individual’s psychological health and awareness about issues regarding their emotional balances and well-being. Living in fast pace culture, many students face stress, anxiety and depression problems which should be resolved on immediate basis, thereby St. Wilfred’s College for Girls, stands strong with all it’s members and students by providing counselling and proper guidance to them, which in turn develop our students with utmost confidence, strong personality and decision making.