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Institutional Vision and Leadership


Institutional Vision and Leadership

In the present context, the vision of the College is to be a global leader in education and a valuable partner in the evolution of a just, humane and inclusive society in India. The Governing Body, the Principal and IQAC together work towards the designing and implementation of the institutional quality policy.

  • The institutional Governance and leadership are in accordance with the vision and mission of the Institution.
  • Management is decentralized at various levels and have active participation of different stakeholders.
  • Institution prospective plan is prepared in line with the Vision and Mission of the institute.
  • Institutional practices depicting coordination of Governance & Leadership with Vision & Mission of the institution.


  • As per the vision of academic excellence the college is fully prepared to implement (NEP 2020) from the academic year 2023-24 as per the directions of affiliating University. Preparatory measures like awareness, creation of ABC ID’s, Indian knowledge system, Outcome based education, Multidisciplinary approach & Hybrid mode of teaching are all implemented.

Sustained Institutional Growth

  • As per the vision of the college leadership, the institution has consistently recorded growth in all areas.
  • There is an increase in the number of programs offered, No. of PhD faculty , PhD guides, ICT enabled teaching, ERP based functioning, Certificate Program, Online and Distance mode of learning, Expansion of library and Book bank facility.

Decentralization and Participation

The major governnig bodies, management committee, faculty members, students along with various committee participate in instiutional governance.

  • The governance and management of college at all levels is decentralized and inclusive.
  • The Principal has adequate autonomy to carry out day to day academic administration.
  • Teaching and non-teaching staff participate in decision making bodies like IQAC, PAAC and other committees
  • HOD’s take care of all processes in academics and its implementation.
  • College regularly conducts staff meetings where suggestions of all teachers are invited to arrive at any decision.
  • Feedback from teachers are taken and analysed and collective measures are taken.
  • Regular meetings are conducted with various stakeholders like parents, students, alumni etc.
  • Faculty of each department mentor a group of the students.
  • The college has various committees of teachers and students.
  • Student Council has representative from all the classes.
  • NSS/NCC/RRC/Cultural committee and associations are managed by student office bearer .
  • Autonomy is given to the department for budget preparation, organizing conference, seminar, workshop and career guidance etc.

Short and long term institutional plan

Keeping in view the Vision and Mission of the Institution, short term and long term institutional plans are prepared by IQAC every year and deployment is ensured