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Innovation System


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Innovation System

The ‘Research, Innovation and Incubation Cell’ (RIIC) established in 2017, at St. Wilfred’s College for Girls is a dynamic and innovative center dedicated to foster research, innovation and entrepreneurship among the students and faculties. With a vision to create a culture of inquiry and problem-solving, the cell provides a supportive environment that nurtures creativity, critical thinking and
the pursuit of knowledge. The ‘Research, Innovation and Incubation Cell’ has developed an ecosystem where innovations, Indian Knowledge System (IKS), International property rights can be promoted for the creation and transfer of knowledge/ technology. The primary objectives of the ‘Research, Innovation and Incubation Cell’ include:

  • Promoting Research Excellence
  • Fostering Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Collaborative Endeavours
  • Incubation Support
  • Knowledge Dissemination
  • Networking & Industry Partnerships and Outreach

The ‘Research, Innovation and Incubation Cell’ (RIIC) serves as a dedicated unit within a college to promote and support research, innovation and entrepreneurship among students. It enables the students for developing any innovation or idea throughout the following stages mentioned below:

  • Research
  • Conception of idea
  • Screening idea
  • Development of product/ concept
  • Feasibility check
  • Product design
  • Testing & validation
  • Launch
  • Post- launch evaluation

The RIIC through numerous activities has achieved remarkable outcomes that manifest in the development of the students in terms of augmented interest, aptitude and propensity for research and entrepreneurship. In this way, the RIIC and Entrepreneurship cell have organized 127 and 96 number of activities repectively during last five years including Workshops, Industrial Visits, Seminars, Educational Visits, Exhibitions, International Conferences, National Conferences, Research and Training Programs, Guest Lectures, Skill Development Programs and Value Added Courses for the promotion of research, innovation and entrepreneurship, IPR and IKS in the college. The college promotes the patents of IPR for both the faculties and students for enriching their profile. As a result, the college has 10 Proud Tycoons who have initiated and developed their innovative ideas and established their ventures successfully with the guidance and support of both the cells in the college. The Research, Innovation and Incubation Cell (RIIC) at St. Wilfred’s College for Girls is committed to nurture a vibrant research and innovation ecosystem that empowers students and faculty members to make meaningful contributions to society. By fostering a spirit of inquiry, creativity and entrepreneurship, the cell aims to instill academic excellence and social impact.